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Donut Dash 2017: 

This year's event will be centered around Schenley Plaza in Oakland for the third year in a row. Participants will run up into Schenley Park and return to the park completing one leg. They will then eat a half a dozen donuts - or as many as you like in the Casual Division - and return the course to complete a second mile.

Donut Dash 2016: A record-smashing year for donuts and dashing.

Donut Dash 2016 was an incredible year. We raised more money than ever before for the Live Like Lou Center for ALS Research. We raised $176,000 in honor of our hero, Alumni Advisor Bob Dax. This is more than any individual greek organization has ever raised before! We saw more participants than ever and the tons of fun that was had.

After what started as a rainy day, we saw the sun and smiles come out! We had an exclusive Donut Dash backdrop where runners could take pictures to show off their donut enthusiasm! We had the Mayor of Pittsburgh in attendance, the President and Provost of Carnegie Mellon, the Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh. It was a blast!

Donut Dash 2015: Thousands of participants, thousands of donuts.

Donut Dash 2015 took place in Schenley Plaza in Oakland for the first time ever, and it was a huge success! The new route around the plaza and down to Phipps Conservatory was fresh and exciting. 2015 was the first year that we featured a donut eating competition, which was great fun for everyone!

We had vendors such as Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, and featured a comfortable open area. We had more runners than ever before, which means more donuts than ever before. The beautiful weather contributed to the fun atmosphere that could be felt by everyone.

Donut Dash 2014: 900 participants. 6,600 donuts. Endless fun.

Centered at the Morewood Gardens parking lot on Carnegie Mellon's campus, featured a new route along Morewood and Forbes Avenues as well as live music, and eight vendors including Franktuary and Mac & Gold.

Runners took a one mile path starting at the base of Morewood Gardens Apartments headed west, turned around at S. Craig Street, followed Forbes to Margaret Morrison, turned around again, and completed the loop by going behind Morewood Gardens to get their donuts. The second lap was the same as the first, except everyone was up to 6 donuts heavier!

Donut Dash has four divisions: Competitive, team, casual, and family. Some of these divisions require the consumption of all six flavorful donuts and the completion of the full two mile race while others allow for more leisurely consumption and less cardiovascular strain.

Whether you're competitive and slurp down a water slogged 2400 calories of donuts or prefer a leisurely meal with fork and knife, we will ensure you are provided with your daily nutritional value of donuts (that's a thing, right?)

For more information, see what Carnegie Mellon had to say about Donut Dash 2014: http://www.cmu.edu/homepage/health/2014/fall/sweet-devotion.shtml